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Roll Over and Gaze at the Stars

I’ve been a positive person most of my life, always seeing the glass half full.  I’ve learned some lessons along the way that have helped me overcome the down times.  My philosophy is just this:  When life knocks you flat, roll over and gaze at the stars.  After all, I believe that is where we came from.  I do not find it a coincidence that I’ve always been attracted to the stars and the moon.  Most people love the sun, I on the other hand have always loved the moon.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore sunshine, but the moon is what draws my soul, the moon, and the stars.  I will never look at the moon without thinking of Neil Armstrong walking on it and looking back at the earth, looking back at me, looking up at him.

I now sail the days with waves of gratitude and disbelief that my life has come to this….this road paved with lotus blossoms and golden sunlight and a moonlit stream, glittering and bubbling beside it.  These are the days we planned before we came here.  I reach anxiously and with abandon for the things I hoped for and for those that will make me a better person ever able to heal those I would help. When you find that one person that connects you to the world, you become a better person.  I have found that one person and we both gaze at the stars from where we came.  That one person is my mentor and I’m on fire for the knowledge I am gaining to move me forward.  Even when life doesn’t knock me flat, I roll over and gaze at the stars!

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