My Journey 2 Enlightenment

Blog By Jill Swenson



The journeys run together now.  The ideas, they are the same yet different.  From messages in Cathedrals that point me one way, I rush headlong into the womb of the great mother in a land far from there.  The Holy Mother slides down the mountain side and at the bottom she is holding a child.  There is to be a re-birth, it is mine.  I place the cup to my lips, I drink.  The clown and the jester appear, but I don’t play games.  I see you there dressed as Santa, but in a white suit.  And then, he appears…the spaceman and he talks to me and I to him.  I do not know what we say.  You tell me I talked in tongues.  I did not hear what we said.  In this new place I lie down in the dome where you were told I should stay and I hear the noises that are familiar from another land.  I ask, do you hear them also?  They do not; they are meant only for me. The faces appear under the pyramid.  They are old and weathered. One smiles, but not at me. I see them all by each one of them.  I see them again at the ceremony.  Under the pyramid, again I see.  I’m in the center now, I’m turning, I see many things… for each of them. These gifts are being given to me…is it still part of the re-birth?  The journeys run together now, but soon I will be on another.  Will it run together with these?  I hold out my arms, I am ready, I am open.

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