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Arizona Adventures

Journey To Enlightenment BlogMy feet hit the ground in Phoenix and the sun blazed warm upon my face, I’d started my journey!!! Here I was visiting my brother in a most welcome place.

He had bought a house in Sun City Grand and I broke free and bought my ticket on a journey that will never end. My brother and I are nine years apart. On that visit we revealed to each other how we’d always felt we were “only children”.

He was gone from home when I was just a child. We were never close, we didn’t have much in common, I thought…..except we both became teachers. For the majority of the last 30 years, we only saw each other once a year. Not much time to get close or know each other very well. Then to find out we both had the same feeling about being only children, it was an eye opener.

They took me to different great spots around where they lived. One of those spots was the desert and the petroglyphs. It was so amazing to see remnants of a people and their way of life long gone. My life began to open.

I wanted to see more….long ago in college I had wanted to travel the world.  Choices I made took me somewhere else. But I realized standing there touching those petroglyphs that it didn’t have to be that way anymore. It was a freedom I felt to continue the journey I left behind so many years ago.

Perhaps it was the spirit of those people who etched those drawings in the rocks that moved my heart and soul to find where I belonged, to find what lay out there in the far corners of the world. I was out of the stocks which I felt myself locked in for so long. It was no one else’s fault, we are all responsible for ourselves and the choices we make. I picked up my suitcase and began the journey again.

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