My Journey 2 Enlightenment

Blog By Jill Swenson

eat my dust



Sometimes in the night when fear crawls into bed with you,

the light is extinguished…

you have to turn on a torch under the blankets to keep away the monsters that

live under the bed.  Doubt then crawls under the covers and casts its shadow in

front of the torch creating two-headed creatures with five hands and three eyes.

The creaking of old foundations and whistling winds of the past waft the covers

and you see dark shapes dancing in the shadows.  Your dream tells you what

you already know in your heart.


As we move from the darkness

of our night into the light of our day, we reach for the security of the well worn

teddy bear. We hold it high in the air and we shout,

“eat my dust”!!



IMG_2356I walked silently in the footsteps of the Marys,

For TRUTH is silent

And I am searching for the truth.

I crawled through the timeless tunnel of reality

Where Mary presented me a ceremonial sword

At the wailing wall.

The Madonna held me in magnetic energy

As the eye looked at me from above

In the red house.

The gold chest showed me the ship in the sky

And the colored rays entering Christ’s heart

And flowing down his arm and out his hand

Into mine.

Only the Dead Sea deceives us.

It holds the negativities of all

Who float upon it.

I feel as if I’ve had an encounter with eternity.