My Journey 2 Enlightenment

Blog By Jill Swenson


I love words.  I love the way words sound coming out of each person’s mouth, rolling across their tongue, sliding over their lips.  Different people can say the same words yet they come out differently when said by each individual.  Some people make my heart warm when they talk. I love listening to them, no matter if they are reading a grocery list.  I love to read words in a book and imagine my own story, but even more, I love listening to the song people make when they speak. The songs they sing are different even though they sing the same words.

Each soul has its own music.  Words are so beautiful, as is each song.  Just as each soul has its own music, each song has many chords.  Sometimes souls are missing a chord they need to complete their song.  If one listens closely, one might recognize the chord the other person is missing and give them the one that will help them complete their song. These are the songs I love listening to.

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