My Journey 2 Enlightenment

Blog By Jill Swenson



The last few months have been a rocket ride on my journey to enlightenment.  So many new friends who have helped me find answers, have shown me how to go within.  I’m still awakening, I’m still learning, I’m sometimes just being.  All my new friends, save one, are much younger and yet so wise. Some of them their journey has moved slowly, some fast.  My dear sweet friend, she’s like my daughter, maybe she is my daughter, reminded me today: “stop setting limits there’s no ‘who’s further than who’ out there.’  Everyone’s journey is different and at different speeds/levels.”

I have had a hard struggle with accepting my ‘save one’ friend’s  journey and that I wasn’t there to help.  I read an example about Michaelangelo and how when he sculpted he saw the completed project in the uncut stone.  He said that his job was to carve away the excess, freeing the thing of beauty  waiting to be released.  I read in “The Book of Awakening” by Mark Nepo,  “The many ways we suffer are the chisels of God freeing the thing of beauty that we have carried within since birth.”  I FINALLY GET IT!  I saw the thing of beauty in my friend…but I saw the stone mostly chisled away already.  I did not see the stone before God began his carving.  I GET IT, I FINALLY GET IT!

 Today I read Nepo’s comment “ that before we can be what we are meant to be, we must accept what we are not.”  With this act of acceptance there is a risk but it frees us.  It’s a surrender to the unknown of what will happen next. It’s about TRUST.  But in surrender we allow our lives to unfold.  To unfold like a lotus flower.  Nepo woke one day with this thought:  ‘The instant fish accept that they will never have arms, they grow fins.’  I know I am in this life to learn TRUST.  I am pondering an adventure next year that will be just that, surrendering to the unknown, TRUST.  I GET IT, I FINALLY GET IT!

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