My Journey 2 Enlightenment

Blog By Jill Swenson

Leave Me At THE Shore of Your Heart

Lately I’ve been on the move, on my journey to finding who I am inside and who I want to be.  Seeking.  Seeking the truth, knowledge and how I am destined to apply it all.  I’ve been to big city, little city, Rapid City, Pocatello, Fargo, Sioux Falls, Idaho Falls, Custer, Colorado Springs, Hot Springs, Durango, Forestburg, little burg, Denver, Park Rapids….where to go, how to flow, what’s next?  Finding myself trapped here, nothing to fear, just watch the deer, headlights in the night, everything’s gonna be all right….the angel said so…repeating the exact words you said, far away in another land.  Mary told me, “You will help others find the truth, together.”  So, the angel WAS right, now I wait.  I’m not good at waiting.  I’m in golden handcuffs waiting for the key to unlock them. He said, “Don’t die with your music still in you.”  He was right.  OMG! I’m in love with that man. Yes, he’s 80 and bald and I love him.  His name is Wayne Dyer.  My friend met him and she’s in love with him, too and she’s only 28!  We all love him.  I’m seeking, seeking.  When will I know how I’m going to apply it all?  TRUST.  That’s my lesson.  The angel reassured me, Mary told me.  TRUST.

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