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Serotonin Rising

Jump forward almost a year. I attended the Edge Expo in the Twin Cities a couple weeks ago. My world has expanded by leaps and bounds. The metaphysical world has opened up and rocketed me away from the small world I was encumbered by. I will digress with other blogs, but this is at the forefront of my mind right now.

At the expo I encountered a film called “Serotonin Rising” and discovered that quantum physics and the metaphysical world are now not so far apart. I bought and watched the movie. It is now scientifically proven that when we do something good for someone, it not only makes that person feel good, but it also makes us feel good. The serotonin in the brain rises when we do this. Hmmm, I’ve kind of known that all along, isn’t that common sense? Maybe it is, but now it is scientifically proven. People are more willing to accept things if they know that they are proven by science.

Enter my daughter and grandson. Last weekend my grandson found some folded up money when we came out of Macys. His mother said he should put it in the bell ringers kettle. He disagreed and said, “Finders Keepers!” She was disappointed that he didn’t have an automatic reaction to give it to charity. I looked and noted that there were two one dollar bills folded together and suggested he could put one in the kettle and keep one for himself. He said he didn’t know there were two and he could do that.

Sometimes when presented with good fortune we want to hang onto it for ourselves, but when presented with an opportunity to do both, share it and keep it, we are more likely to do it. As a child we might not see the goodness we will feel if we give part of our good fortune away. Adults are no different sometimes. Think about the last time you did something good for someone you didn’t know. How did it make you feel?

My point to all this is that when one is in a place where everyone only sees the light in others, the world will glow with love. I’ve come from point A to point B in about a year. I credit my ongoing journey to enlightenment with the awareness I now have.

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