My Journey 2 Enlightenment

Blog By Jill Swenson


Silence can be used as a power piece to hurt someone and keep them “in their place”. I ‘used’ that type of silence on others. It was cruel. I found that out when it was used on me. It suffocated me and made me feel cut off and alone, as if there had been a death of someone I loved. I know that feeling well. At a survival level, this silence would destroy me if it continued without end.

Silence can be beautiful and comforting and safe. That is the kind of silence I learned from my dad. We could sit or ride in a car for a great length of time without either of us saying a word. I felt safe in that kind of silence and still do. It’s where one soul is in sync and comfortable with the other without words. It’s a knowing silence. I can exist safely in the ‘knowing’ silence. It’s the kind of silence I would expect in the presence of the Divine.

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